Hidden TVs at Decorex CPT ’16

Since TV lifts are a modern product and relatively unheard of in the home market people sometimes get confused or misinterpret what it is we actually do.

Being at Decorex gives us the perfect opportunity to showcase our innovative products and a chance to interact with the public, thus allowing us to clear up any uncertainty and answer any questions.

This is will be Definition Automation‘s fifth straight time at the Cape Town show, and our favourite part of doing these shows is always seeing the way people react to the TV lifts. Whether it be in complete awe or sheer shock, there is always some excitement when observing the hidden TVs suddenly appear.

So, come and spend the day out with family and friends. There is plenty to see and do, usually a whole host of freebies and you’ll certainly leave inspired (we’ll make sure of it!).

No this is not out of a James Bond movie, but it could be in your home!

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