Push Lid


push lid cabinet tv lift uninstalled

The Push Lid is the alternative to the Fixed Lid in our Cabinet TV Lift range. The difference lies in the lid as it is not fixed to the TV top but instead slides open with the lift when actuated.

Incorporating the “ease of installation” concept the unit is designed to maximise space effectively. It does this with the lid of the unit gently and silently pushing open as the TV scrolls up. The lid then sits behind the TV and is a little less obtrusive than the lid being fixed to the top. When scrolled down the lid will softly slide back into place and it will be as if the TV was never there.

Our Cabinet TV Lifts were designed to safely and securely store your TV in the most simple and stylish of ways.


  • Maximizes space effectively
  • Low actuated profile
  • Efficient cable management
  • Soft silent motors
  • Easy limit switch settings
  • Quick Installation
  • Crestron/AMX or similar interface
  • RF or IR remote

TV sizes 26″ – 85″

Lift Height | TV panel + 130 mm
Lift Width | TV panel + 40 mm
Lift Depth | 300mm
Maximum TV Panel Weight | 35kg


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