Ceiling Flap Out Tv Lift

For up to 85" TVs

The Ceiling Flap out Tv Lift, was designed for areas where views are important and the lack of wall space makes it impractical to hang a TV. The lift is fully concealed in the ceiling cavity and the TV is completely hidden within our tv lift mechanism. With a press of the button, our silent lift flaps down past 90 degrees to 100 degrees for a better viewing angle. If the angle isn’t enough such as in the case of a very high ceiling another option is the Scroll Down Tv lift.

The Lift only requires 220mm of the in-ceiling cavity. The ceiling flap down Tv Lift comes in models that can fit up to 85″ Tvs coupled with its almost effortless simple and silent transition from concealment to deployment, making this ceiling TV lift one of the most popular Ceiling Tv Lift mechanisms.

The ceiling flap down Tv Lift is a popular lift with many being installed in private homes, but they are also used in the hospitality industry, corporate offices, and yachts. 

Tech Support

2 Year Warranty




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