Lectern Lift

Definition Automation’s one-of-a-kind Lectern Lift is a unique design that consists of everything you need (and more) on the platform. Originally designed for the Universty of Cape Town classroom renewal project, these units are made with full convenience in mind, and with the lectern being fully integrated, the speaker/user has everything they need all at the touch of a button.

The automated Lectern Lift houses a number of teaching aids:

  • The lectern lift is fully automated, and can be height adjusted to users specifications
  • The monitor is automated and can be utilized or hidden at the user’s preferences.
  • There is an automated document camera that acts as a writing surface – similar to writing on an overhead projector slide. It can also project existing documents, images and objects.
  • It also includes two pull-out trays (for papers or other light objects), power plugs (for charging your laptop / electronic device) and a PC with an optical drive (for playing CDs or DVDs).

Tech Support

5 Year Warranty




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