Ceiling Flap out Scroll Down Tv Lift

For up to 75" TV's

The ceiling flap out scroll down tv lift is for areas where the height of the ceiling presents a problem to the user. In many modern houses, the ceiling can be quite high and thus result in a neck-aching pain to stare up at if a ceiling flap out were to be installed. This is where the scroll-down function comes in. Almost identical to the Flap Out TV Lift this unit has been modified with the scroll down mechanism which allows the TV to extend to a more comfortable viewing angle. The lift can be stopped at any point during the scroll-down motion or set to a point according to the users’ preference.

The Lift only requires 220mm of the in-ceiling cavity. The ceiling flap out scroll down tv lift comes in models that can fit up to 85″ Tvs coupled with its almost effortless simple and silent transition from concealment to deployment this Lift is the perfect solution for high ceiling homes or offices.


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2 Year Warranty




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