Push Lid/Cabinet Tv Lift

Cabinet Tv Lifts - For up to 85" TV's

Our Cabinet TV Lift is a versatile and reliable lifting mechanism that is perfect for cabinets and other furniture pieces where the TV needs to be hidden away when not in use. This lift is also used in our Foot of the Bed Tv Lift. and is our go-to choice for cabinets.

Designed with “ease of installation” in mind, the Cabinet TV Lift requires only a few fixing points, making it simple to install in custom items or cabinets. The Cabinet TV Lift is the ideal solution for those who want to hide their TV when not in use.

The lift mechanism of the Cabinet TV Lift smoothly and silently opens the lid of the cabinet with a panel, ensuring that the TV is never under any strain. The lid is positioned behind the TV, hidden from view. When the lift is closed, the lid will effortlessly roll over the back panel profile and softly close back into place.

With its easy installation and reliable lifting mechanism, the Cabinet TV Lift is the perfect solution for those who want to keep their TV hidden away when not in use. Choose the Cabinet TV Lift for a reliable, convenient TV lifting solution for your cabinet or custom furniture piece.

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