Underbed TV Lift

Tv lift for up to 55" TV's

 An interior designer’s dream is to utilize space and this is the Tv Lift that does exactly that. The under bed Tv Lift stores the Tv in the base of the bed it and is designed to keep the TV off the wall, off a cabinet, and protect any view you have.

The under bed Tv lift is built into the base of the bed when closed it is completely concealed, when opened the lift opens a lid at the base of the bed, the lift then extends from underneath then flips Vertical, and scrolls to eye level above your feet. The Tv lift can be stopped at any one point during the scroll up for the users’ comfort.

Due to the nature of the under bed Tv lift, the base of the bed does need to be modified if possible or else built by a carpenter we then fit the mechanism to the bed base. Recommend Tv sizes for this lift are 32″ to 55″ although we do recommend 42″ to 55″.Alternative lifts for the underbed TV Lift are the Foot of the bed Tv liftOttoman TV lift, and the chaise Tv Lift, all three are great alternatives.

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2 Year Warranty




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